Tuesday, August 15, 2006

something fishy

Okay, we all have met that conspiracy theory guy. You know the one, always talking about how JFK was killed by the government, how the moon walk never happened, or that aliens really did land/crash at Roswell. This person will go on and on convinced that we have all been misled.

My take on these things is that human nature begs that there will be a leak. Sorry, but a conspiracy by definition means a group of people have done something to deceive, and I'll be damned if one or two of them didn't let something slip at a drunk or intimate moment. For gods sake does the boom of blogs alone speak to how desperately mankind longs to be heard?

So then I read this. Now if that isn't a whole lotta suspicious I don't know what is.

I wouldn't call myself a believer quite yet, but I am definitely teetering on that fence.

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Sunshine! said...

How the hell do they lose that?! Craziness!!!