Saturday, August 12, 2006

going the distance

You know what happens when you run really long distances? You learn what friction is.

Every week as part of my long run I have a blister or two. Whatev, if I can run 26.2 I can take a blister or two. Pshaw. So as my knowledge of what chafes where grows my workout wear choices narrow.

This week with my 13-miler such knowledge was gained of one particular sports bra.

Yes people, that would be blisters on my cleavage. But don't cry for me Argentina, it ain't as bad as the men with bleeding nipples at a marathon's end. Now THAT deserves some props.


ctina said...

there's actually a term called "runner's nipple". you should google it

AliGirl said...

ouch! Poor boobies. Take care of those puppies!

Carolyn said...

I just think it's more funny than anything that you are finding new and improved ways of using your new camera! ;)