Thursday, August 03, 2006


My day is winding down, getting ready for parties! Due to insane weather the Rudy's thing tomorrow is off. Weather and anticipated hangover, really.

If ya'll are lucky there may be a drunk post tonight to make up for it!


jenn said...

you are getting drunk as we speak. you are hanging out with our friends, having drinks, reminscing of old times at the bird and there is a permanent smile on your face because you are so fucking excited to finally have made it out of there. congratulations, my dear rock star. i am sitting at home watching my refrigerator get fixed with no liquor in my house whatsoever, cursing my roommate for leaving the fridge door open the other day because i am missing out on one of the best bon voyage parties ever. i wish you the best in your future endeavors. may the partying continue. party on, wayne. party on, garth.

ctina said...

hey gal... are you ready? is the outfit picked out? is the liver well-rested? ok, visit me if you get a minute, 4th floor, take a right, then a left-- i'm the 5th office on the left side.