Sunday, August 13, 2006

first week

Much speculation has headed my way about my first five days at the new job. As I like to deliver, here is the breakdown for my regular readers:

  • First three days all about HR and introductions. My friends and references are good ones, and it seems a lot of good reviews preceded my arrival. Really, I have never gone into a job with as many introductions that were followed by raised eyebrows and "Oh! Yes, we heard about you!" and "Welcome! We are so excited to have you!!!" in my life. Flattering - yes. Vaguely disconcerting - absolutely. Intimidating - no way Jose.

  • Next two days all out frustrating. I know how things work but can't get to the details yet. Still learning the systems and of course the product history will take time and I am aware of that. Maintaining that self-patience is the challenge. I want to be able to have a question posted to me and am able to know where to go to get the answers. So for now I just have to keep being a sponge and absorb. Grrrr.

  • Overall being my third corporate job and second in publishing, pretty much the same for the course. Some new perks were gained (better coffee and free soda!) and some were lost.

  • The three people who report to me are established, responsible, and knowledgeable. Really they do their jobs very well and have an amazing work ethic. I think this of all things is where I am the most fortunate. Having a good support staff can make or break a job, and these people are amazing. I will do everything I can to make sure I support them so this kind of excellence can continue. SO LUCKY.

  • My new boss is very much into my autonomy. Which I think is great. My old job required micromanagement from my boss. This one really doesn't, and thus I am relieved this kind of structure exists. So far so good.

  • If there is anything I have learned over the years is that I just have to wait out the learning curve and then the accolades roll in. What is to be determined is my level of satisfaction, not theirs. That kind of thing cannot be discerned for AT LEAST six months.

    What has been the most interesting in my transition has been the reactions of people I know personally. Every question that they ask is a reflection of where they are in their lives.

    "How excited are you?"

    Someone accepting of change or a challenge.

    "How do you feel?"

    Someone who cares greatly about the people they work with everyday and weighs that interaction highly in life.

    "Aren't you scared?"

    Someone who is more in love with security of the same thing than of being somewhere detrimental.

    The best part? If they feel a certain way when they ask their question they will absolutely not believe the response unless it is the same as their own. And if I do not respond in kind they ask over and over again.

    Yes, I am most definitely excited. Oh, I feel fine. No way, why would I be scared?

    Done and done.

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    what about "wanna drink?"