Sunday, January 15, 2006


The year of sex.

That is what Spaghetti and RFW have deemed 2006 to be. See, we have this...problem. We go out often enough, and have great fun. With each other. We historically don't look around or interact with new people. Granted sometimes I'm with a group of twenty, which should occupy anyone. Can I help it if I have such engaging, interesting, and fun friends?

For me, I think I will make 2006 the year of dating. I seem to have enough opportunities for sex arise (pun intended). Over the xmas/new year I had two passes alone. Not that I have acted on any in a while. If you are a faithful reader, you pretty much know when the last time was.

I have had some fun one-night stands since I have been in New York, but where they are fun and interesting I'm just not quite that girl. It is like dressing up for halloween, it is neat to see what you look like as a smurf, and fun to sing the song and complain about gargamel for a night. But wearing that blue paint every day would get tiresome.

Did that analogy make any sense? In my mind it did.

So I am going to wink and email on match. Not just sign up and do nothing. I even registered to this new site,, match's beta version answer to Boy, that psychology test was long. The funny thing is that my profile results came out as this:

You have a great overview of reality. You see many angles to the same issue and enjoy discussing multiple solutions to complex problems. You like to use your imagination and engage in creative theorizing.

You have executive social skills, easily picking up the gestures, facial expressions and speech patterns of others. You are intuitive; you generally understand people, and your sympathetic nature makes you pliant, adaptable and likeable.

Yet despite your charm and poise in large social situations, you often enjoy solitude or intense conversations with just one individual or a few close friends.

You are good at doing and thinking a lot of things at the same time. But when you focus on an issue, idea or problem, you like to concentrate in depth. You leave no stone unturned.

And with your insight, charm and intellectual bent, you make warm and interesting company.

After reading this I was blown away. I never have been so accurately described so concisely. Freaky. We'll see if it gets me a date or two.


ctina said...

that is uncanny scary. that test is freaky!

btw what's going on with everybody's sidebars lately? that's freaky too.

Anonymous said...

the test may have been long, but it seems to have figured you out ;)