Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year!

Vegas was awesome.

Seeing my friend Dawnalicious and meeting her charming girlfriend was wonderful. I may not be a good correspondent, but there are some people you just were meant to get along with, time and distance meaning nothing. She looked happy and healthy and content with the life she is building out there. It is always so heartwarming to see your friends doing well.

Sin city is indeed a testament to all that capitalism has to offer. It is ironic that I spent last new years in Disneyworld, because Vegas is definitely the adult version. All those structures, lights, shows and more to make you believe you are not somewhere real, but in a perfect fantasy world.

New Year's Eve? Oh, what a great time. Kzoo Jen and I attended a party at the Nine Irishmen in the New York New York casino (yes, I am fully aware of the irony); wow it was a total blast. I met all kinds of fun people, drank a lot, danced like crazy, and got some real up close and personal time with a Scotsman from Edinburgh named Keith. No better way to start the New Year than with a snog, eh?

Inside the pub there was a Celtic band, and outside on the replica of the Brooklyn Bridge was a cover band performing dance music. This was on the strip but with the luxury of a bar, restrooms, and heating lamps. All the joys of spending new years on the strip with none of the misery.

This party was called "Horns and Halos", and we got to pick and wear one or the other. This is each of us early in the evening, god knows how we looked after our tenth Guinness.

Me being naughty…

Kzoo Jen being nice.

I got carded to gamble. When I asked the roulette guy what the legal age was, he told me 18. Then the four Australian men at the table spontaneously confirmed they would have ID’d me as well. *Joy*

Unfortunately my recovery time was not so great the next day, I threw up three times in the first hour and a half of my flight home. My poor, poor row mates. They were very kind and understanding. When I first got sick I explained about how the first month I spent as a flight attendant I was airsick, they did find that entertaining. And I was hopefully able to appease the fear of turbulence a bit for the woman next to me. Only a little though.

Another fun distraction, after getting back to NYC someone took my suitcase from the shuttle instead of his own. I have this guy's luggage, since he took the wrong one. No, I have not opened it as of yet. If he doesn't return mine I will. I hope I get mine back, I only had clothes and shoes in the suitcase but I will miss my kick ass boots if they are gone.

Check out the extra security thing we were put through in the Vegas airport. It was before the metal detector and blew all this air puffs at you. Neat.

Oh, and did I already mention that I made out with a hottie Scotsman? Just wanted to make that clear.

Happy New Year!!!

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