Sunday, January 29, 2006

looking for a band

This is from an exceptionally talented friend of a friend. I saw her perform with her old band, she is great! Spread the word if you know of anyone who fits.

"hey you beautiful, creative, talented people.

i need a band.

i've decided to turn to you as a huge group of
radicals, dreamers, and inspired people. Mama needs
some back up.

i want a drummer who is so slammin' and wicked
sensitive, who is skilled or could learn how to be
skilled at triggering samples. Extra bonus if you can

i also want a keyboard player who is hip on sampling
too and can sing.

if you have any knowledge of different instruments,
that is a major plus.

i'm getting ready to do a residency in New York City
(every thursday in March) and want to rehearse in the
weeks before then. Then we'd go on tour, as soon as
my new record comes out. so it would involve a lot of
your time and flexibility. It is, of course, a paying

i know you're out there.

you have to be hard-working and prepared to tour. you
preferrably live in the New York area. and you are
wild and fun on stage.

email us at and send me to where
we can hear your stuff, tell us a little about
yourself, what your availability is, and anything else
you want us to know about you.

lots of love and witchy inspiration,

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