Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have reached my limit of sleep. It is 3:21 am and I am awake, awake, awake. Seems that sleeping all day every day all week has recharged me to the point of overload.

In an effort to keep occupied and hopefully knock myself out, I have researched grad schools and picked ten to apply to, revisited the plot and outline of a book I have long considered writing, and come up with a brilliant plan and concept for a bar for me to own and operate.

Problem is that whenever I start thinking of any of the above endeavors, I come up with more really groovy ideas and get more excited and further from sleep. I was considering the bar idea while lying in bed and I literally sat up because some of the ideas became clearer and more focused.

Tomorrow/today will definitely be a super duper workout day at the gym; I need to wear myself out so that I get back on a regular sleep cycle for work. In the meantime I need to start acting on all these great inspirations, I think the book first would make the most sense. This will be weird, I have never written fiction before. Do people often collaborate to write books, like in music?

You would think I would know the answer to that...

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