Sunday, January 22, 2006


Okay, guilty pleasure time again. Thanks to Seattle Girl, I am utterly addicted to a teenage series called SWEEP by Cate Tiernan. Seattle Girl gave me the first eight books of the series when I was laid up for a month recovering from my hernia repair/abdominal reconstruction.

I was immediately hooked. You know, not sleeping reading one right after another hooked. Recently I have gotten my hands on books nine through thirteen, and I am obsessed all over again. As I just completed book number twelve I was crying. Again.

How embarrassing, to have pre-adolescent material make me cry. Yet I love it all the same. Guess the little girl inside of me is still alive and kicking.

This is mostly a series for females; some guys may dig it, but not in the absolutely guaranteed way gals will. If you have been stressed out and could use some R&R, know someone who is laid out sick, or owe a gift to a teenage debutante, check this series out. As a very brief synopsis, these books center around a young girl discovering she has magikal powers, in the way of Wicca, and how she in this modern day and age copes with them and incorporates this new discovery into her life. It is touching, charming, and absolutely intoxicating. Do yourself or your friend a favor, don't buy one at a time, you'll end up making way too many trips to the bookstore because once started you CANNOT STOP.

The first three books of the series, listed in order are Book of Shadows, The Coven, and Blood Witch.

Make haste, and may the Goddess be with you.

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sweep is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!