Tuesday, January 31, 2006

never enough

Obviously four days, four shampoos, four conditionings, and one long hot soaking bath does not help to stabilize hair dyed dark red after being blonde...

My poor poor Brooklyn Cyclones hat after wearing it to the gym. At least no one will ever take it thinking it theirs by accident.

I realized after taking the darn thing off post-workout that people had in fact kinda been looking at me funny. I wonder if they thought I was working out so hard I was sweating blood? Or maybe they were thinking I had the Ebola virus and was liquifying right in front of their eyes?

Just to be safe, I'm wearing my dark colored hats to the gym for the next week. I don't want anyone calling 911. Ooh, unless the EMTs are hot and want to give me mouth to mouth. Hmmmmm.

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