Thursday, December 29, 2005

here comes a new year

My time in the Detroit area is about done, in a few hours I will be on a plane to Vegas. Oh sin city, what do you have in store?

Some things of note from this trip:

- One of my sets of married friends are expecting their first child, due in June - hooray and congrats Kim and Tony!!

- Detroit is still a mess, maybe even worse off than last year. Most of my favorite bars are long gone too, which so saddens me.

- Royal Oak is still booming, more and more condos and lofts getting built all the time. Even Mongo, a restaurant I worked at for four years, has moved. Madness.

- Saw Brokeback Mountain, and my heart still hurts. So beautiful, so tragic. I will be carrying this story with me for a while.

- Brought all my running gear to keep training, have not had one workout. I have to play catch up back home in NY. Will be fun with my new heart rate monitor, oh joy to gadgets!!

- I really need to watch the volume of my voice while in a busy restaurant waving my arms and saying "There is a party in my pants! Party in my pants!"

(That would be a GM seat-belt buckle made into a pants belt)

- The ex sort of kinda made a half-assed effort to meet up. Either ya wanna see me or ya don't, it annoyed me that he couldn't just pick one.

- The "marrieds" are kind for putting up with my excess, well, gas last night while playing Scene It! I could have blown up the room with the methane I was producing. Actually it was a distraction method that *failed* as the other team won.

- Bob the waiter now knows way more about marathoning side effects to the male torso than he ever wanted to.

- I almost had a Detroit hook up, friend of Bacon and I had a little smoochie the other night. I told him I'd call but didn't. Evil me, but my schedule has been a little packed. Next time he comes to NY I can make up for it...

- Did I mention I'm going to Vegas? Not that I’m excited or anything. Can't wait to see my friend Dawn who lives there, hooray!!!!

Thanks again to all my friends and family I got to see and spend time with, you all make the trip worthwhile! Happy New Year!

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