Wednesday, December 21, 2005

day two of strike-ola

The novelty wore off of the strike damn quick.  The walk to work was fine yesterday, I even got there before nine, which is earlier than normal for me.  Not that the walk is quicker than the subway ride, I just left earlier.  Once at work it was interesting to hear who made it, who didn't, and how different people from different areas got here.  Everyone enjoyed talking/complaining about the adventure that was their commute.
Going home was when everyone started to really think about the big question - how long is this going to last? 
My job has been good enough to set up shuttle busses for those in Manhattan, so if I get tired of walking I can thumb a ride and get home lickity split.  I live very near a Port Authority which is a huge bus terminal, and the shuttle there kicks me two blocks from home.  Short blocks.  Nice.  My walking has just been because there are two shuttle bus schedules that I could adhere to, but so far neither has been convenient to me, so I decided to just hoof it.  If I get sick or tired than I have an easy ride.
Most of the people I work with are not so fortunate, they are shouldered with a two to three hour commute every day now, pushing through crowds, waiting on overloaded platforms, walking over windy icy bridges.  For them this is really a horrible obstacle to deal with.
The media keeps saying that the strike in the 1980s lasted 11 days, which with my company being closed next week bodes fine for us.  But there was another strike before that which lasted over 20 days.  If this happens again and is still going on after the holiday there are no bones about it, that would REALLY SUCK. 
Yesterday in my neighborhood you could clearly see how our economy is being effected - many shops were closed, and if not then were going to close early.  Restaurants, bars, and shops were devoid of customers.  All people want to do is focus on getting to work and then going home again.
Before the strike people were pretty split on which side they were on, the MTA or TWU, but now everyone is against the TWU.  Politically they made a bad choice, and now with all the fines imposed on them it is a financial one as well.  But pulling out before they get what they want would be even worse, so they are entrenched.  And we are stuck.
Happy holidays NYC?

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