Sunday, December 04, 2005

may you have an exciting life

This past week has been very...interesting.

My dad used to tell me it is an ancient curse to wish someone an exciting life, since exciting things tend to be terrible like wars, famine, hurricanes, or some other tragedy. Boring lives are safe and healthy.

I can't say that I want a boring life. When my life gets too regular I get restless, edgy. Sometimes in the past I would even get self destructive - anything to shake things up.

It has been a long time since so much has happened to me in such a short span of time. Boy have I missed it. But holy moly, is it hard to do now. A couple nights of minimal sleep and I was totally exhausted. Methinks I could not handle being a medical intern if I can't do more than two nights with little rest.

Anyhoo, this week was the kind I used to fantasize about having once being in NYC before I lived here.

You all know about my Wednesday night, which ended at one am.

Thursday night I went drinking again with different buddies, in bed at two am (yes I came home from the party and kept drinking while watching netflix, alcohol increases my social skills not my intelligence.).

Friday night was the Petey annual holiday party - which I actually did not drink at, shocker of shockers. Yet had so much fun, these girls are so great I don't need help enjoying myself. Oh, and the food, my god these girls can cook.

Saturday am I ran a four-mile race with a time that I am thrilled about, a 10:17 average minute mile. That night RFW and I met up whit Spaghetti to see a modern dance performance interpretation of Hansel and Gretel. (Quite artsy, super duper duper artsy), then RFW and I went out to CBGBs to see a band she knows, and we traveled around and kept drinking on the Lower East Side.

Today I lay splayed on my couch in a coma.

All of these events kept me busy, and my life is richer and more diverse. What I find interesting is that in this time some things happened that seemed to tie in with my hormones kicking back in. I think when they went into overdrive my pheromones did as well. Which honestly is not that bad, but rather unexpected and therefore unsettling. In the midst of all this activity I got called and asked out on one date (such a sweet call), and was introduced into two other situations that I foresee as blooming into something interesting.

Sadly I'm not interested in the guy who called me, which is tragic because I had a lot of fun with him, and he is sweet, smart, and very attractive. His schedule is COMPLETELY the opposite of mine, which I just can't deal with. And he is attracted to the person I used to be. As much as I miss that girl, I don't want to go back. I want to incorporate her again in small ways, grow and go forward.

The two other guys who have potential, I am very attracted to, and they are the polar opposite of each other. I actually don't know if either is available, but I could sense the mutual spark, so we'll see what develops. I may even make a move, what the heck.

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