Sunday, December 18, 2005

guilty pleasure

Everyone's got 'em. A Brittney Spears song on their ipod, a collection of beanie babies in a drawer, an old New Kids on the Block cd, being a fan of professional wrestling.

Over time I myself have had many secret pleasures of my own, and will admit to my latest now. I LOVE Grey's Anatomy. Love it love it. Taping it while watching every week and then immediately rewinding to watch it again love it love it.

This is surprising as I am not a big late night soap opera watcher. Never did the Falcon Crest or Dallas thing growing up, and I'm not even into Desperate Housewives now. I may have enjoyed watching ER once or twice, but it was never quite like this.

Maybe it is the characters - how clear and archetypal they are. Or the actors in how convincingly they play their parts. The plots are fun, but my love can't be that alone.

I know what it is - it's the chemistry. Not just the romance either, it is the way they all interact with each other. So familiar, intertwined. I miss that. I miss coming into work and over 50% of the people you interact with are your friends, or that at least 85% of them you see outside of work in a social manner. I miss the sense of community, of camaraderie.

When I first started my jobs here I had that at both. One job is gone and the other has matured. Problem is, I don't think I have, or I ever will want to.

At least for a while I can live vicariously through this show. Eventually I suppose it won't be enough. Then life will get interesting I suppose.

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