Wednesday, July 13, 2005

unlimited potential redux

Tonight I am off again to see Weezer in concert, but sadly my fantasy is much less likely to occur, as I am in a sky box in some huge arena. Nassau Colleseum.

I hate large venues. Only my love for Rivers Cuomo propells me to go. That and my friend having an extra ticket. I would not have made the effort to buy one on my own. Not to mention I actually have to travel to Long Island to get to this place. Blech.

Tonight I will be wearing my @eezer tanktop with all the rhinestones - maybe they will reflect into Rivers' eyes, he will look up at the skybox, see me, and then fall madly in love with me. Or at least madly in lust. I could settle. He would think to himself "who is that rockstar?", not knowing I AM Rockstar!!!

Have I ever mentioned that when I'm bored I tend to go off into my own little fantasy world? Heh.

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