Tuesday, July 05, 2005

happy birthday, USA

As tomorrow I return to work from my holiday, there are a few things I learned over the weekend that I would like to share:

- Fireworks in NYC are pretty, but even though toted as best in the US, Detroit's give them a good run for their money.

- If a sunburn is bad enough, you will continue to peel over a week later. I am shedding skin like a seventy-year-old man who ran out of Rogaine sheds his hair, and was burnt ten days ago.

- People say that Matthew Broderick can't act, that his best role was Ferris Bueller. They obviously have not seen Torch Song Trilogy. Makes me cry every time. He was in the play before Ferris, and in the movie after Ferris. That takes chutzpah.

- It is completely impossible to sit through an entire fireworks display without saying "ooh" or "aah". I may try to get a government grant to prove this fact. It could be a simply biological thing, like how when happy every human being smiles, regardless of culture. People got money to figure that one out, why can't I do a good one too?

- Shakespeare for me always inspires wonder. The idea that the simple truths of mankind remain the same boggles my mind. I had never read As You Like It, but by god that did not reduce the complete pleasure of seeing it performed this weekend. The language intimidates, but the wisdom dictates.

- Live 8 actually gave me some hope. They do not want our money, they want our voice. Sadly I have become too cynical, and doubt that millions of people all over the world will really influence those eight most powerful men of the world.

- Dakota Fanning the next Drew Barrymore? Hmmmm.

- Batman Begins is truly awesome because of longstanding archetypal storylines. Same storylines found in classic mythology and movies such as star wars. These truths, if told well, always entertain and inspire. This movie tells them well. Also helps that Christian Bale is hhhhooooooottttttt.

- War of the Worlds. Eh. Book was great, so it had a plot to work from. Action good. Acting okay. Effects good. Overall, it serves its purpose as an action adventure flick, I suppose.

- When I get drunk I fight with Bacon. I have to learn to stop that; it is not fair to her.

And for the piece de resistance:

- My brother and sister in law are preggers again, with number four. Where their excessive Catholicism and use of the rhythm method of birth control had a lot to do with the timing of the previous three, this one was planned. As conceived in Disney World, I'll never be able to look at Mickey the same way again.

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