Sunday, July 03, 2005

long weekend

I did a marathon yesterday.

No, not a runner's marathon, the 4400 marathon. That's right, from 9am to 8pm I sat my booty on the couch and watched the whole series. Breaking to watch Live 8 during commercials.

Please do not be alarmed, I have an obsessive personality. How else could I watch three seasons of Alias in just under two weeks? Oh, yeah I was home recovering from surgery. But still, that much focus in a short period of time is totally a Rockstar trait.

So back to my marathon. Totally hooked to the show now. It has some weak points, like overplaying the whole scully-mulder theme, but the plot and storylines are solid enough to keep me coming back for more.

I did not go out last night, watched Live Flesh by Pedro Almodovar, who also did The Truth About My Mother, Talk to Her, blah blah blah, amazing director. Film was pretty damn good too, except because stupid Netflix described it as a thriller I kept waiting to be scared, or on the edge of my seat, or something. It is an awesome movie, but thriller it was not.

Now I'm off to go wait in line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets. The play this year is As You Like It, I love his comedies. Don't know if anyone famous is in it, but will find out tonight. Lata!

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