Friday, July 22, 2005


I just wanna know - how do little people stay thin?

Really. I just signed on to as motivation and tracking for my workout and weight loss regimen (I am always on a diet. always). It came highly recommended, I figured I would give it a whirl.

So I sign on, and fill out my basic stats and goals. It is really cool because it allows me to list the races I want to enter, when they are and what times I want to complete them in. Basically it is accounting applied to fitness, which a geek like me totally gets into.

During my setup, this tool calculated my Basal Metabolic Rate, based on my height, age, gender, and weight. It is supposed to be more accurate than just the old fashioned height and weight method.

The old method said that my BMI was 1800, so anytime I ate less or consumed more was gravy. Not hard, I could handle it.

This more accurate method says my BMI is 1153. Crap!! Every health document out there says it is unhealthy to eat less than 1200 calories a day, so a plain ole diet is out the window. I literally HAVE to work out to lose weight.

That leads me, once again, to my initial question. If I'm just 5'2" and that's all I can eat - what the heck do little people eat? Their internal organs are supposed to be regular sized, so don't they get just as hungry as almost little people like me? Sucks bad enough that they have to deal with all kinds of prejudices and stupid people staring, but they can only eat like a piece of fruit a day to stay thin? Not fair, not fair at all my friends.

Yes, I know life is not fair. And yes, I really do spend time thinking about these kinds of things.

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