Sunday, July 31, 2005


You know, I really do believe in evolution. I love being able to explain all kinds of physicality and behaviors due to efficiency of survival.

For example, I enjoy the elusiveness of the female orgasm as a means to generate more selectiveness on the part of the woman in choosing a mate. I appreciate the higher stronger urge of male copulation, since the odds of actual conception per ejaculation are so low. It is way too much fun that the odor of vaginal fluids will significantly increase the desire to mate by a man regardless of female appearance. It is also too cool that the more vested a male of any species is in the upbringing off the offspring, the more particular it is in choosing and the more monogamous it will be.

There is some kind of evolutionary theory for most of what we do. That kind of information I tend to pick up and store, as opposed to box scores or football statistics.

You know what I have never heard a theory about? PMS. I can surmise the bloating and soreness, as the body prepares to become a fertile nest. But why the emotional roller coaster? Have there been any tests to see if the frequency sex differs for women who are affected more or less strongly by emotional waves due to hormones?

Really, what is up with that? I wonder if Kinsey, if allowed to complete his studies on women, would have come up with anything. Damn puritanistic patriarchal culture. ;)

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