Thursday, July 21, 2005

nike run hit wonder

Yesterday I ran that 5mile race in 90 degree weather.

Maybe run is too strong a word. More like jogged slowly and walked.

I started out strong, but mother of god the heat was just too much for me. The fact I haven't trained in over a month probably didn't help any either. I finished the race in one hour and four minutes, pretty much how long it has taken me to run 6.2-mile races in the past. Amazing how quickly you can get out of shape if you let go!

The really cool part about this race was the free music. The Donnas played before, and they really rocked. If they come to your town, you totally have to check them out. They have a great stage presence and some solid tunes.

During the actual runs there were other performers stationed along the way, which to tell the truth was kinda stupid. Sure, I got to be within ten feet of Chingy and Fountains of Wayne to name two, but a whole five seconds of each as I was RUNNING BY. I was a little more focused on breathing and not passing out. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts performed afterwards, they were okay. The Donnas were better, I think.

So here I am, back on the diet and training regimen. I'm really going to have to start getting up in the mornings to work out, I just can't motivate to do it at 8:30 when I get home from work Monday thru Thursday. It should be a good practice in discipline, if I want to get to medical school I have to get used to sleep deprivation anyway. Going to bed early would be the most logical option, but it is against my nature, so we will see if the early workouts can change such proclivities.

This vacation was much needed, even if I am not traveling anywhere.

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