Thursday, July 07, 2005


I have to admit, when I turned on the radio this morning my heart stopped. I heard the serious tone of the reporter, and the words "to recap the events of this morning", and knew something terrible had happened. As awful as it is to say, a wave of relief passed over me when I heard the events went down in the UK and not here in NYC. Flashes of 9/11 had passed before my eyes, panic mode of "what do I do now" had coursed through my veins.

When they continued to describe the bombings in London, I worried for my work friends there. There are a couple of people who come over a couple of times a year whom have become close with. Since this morning I have heard they are okay, and am relieved.

This really brings home to me the idea that what the UK lived through when the IRA constantly made terrorist attacks. Previously I had somewhat sympathised with the cause, although not so much the methods. I suppose it is sad that it took so much violence close to home to awaken me to the dept of the injustices that were done.

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