Saturday, July 23, 2005


They say when you fall off of a horse, you need to get right back on again.

In that spirit, I got my sorry butt out of bed at 6:30 am today to enter the 4M Run for Central Park race. This was a total last minute decision. Not only did I feel the need to prove that I can do better than my sorry performance earlier this week, but I'm running out of races for the year. I have to run nine qualifiers in 2005 to be entered automatically into the 2006 marathon, and before today I only had four under my belt.

So I got up and got to the park. It was a beautiful morning, sunny, 78 degrees, with a nice cool breeze flowing. The four mile course had some hills, but skipped the evil Harlem Hill. I started out strong, and actually felt really good through most of the race - completely the opposite of the Nike Run Hit Wonder on Wednesday.

Best part - I finished with an average 10:35 mile! That is better than my goal of an eleven 11-minute mile, I am so thrilled! Net time 42:23. (For those of you who know my secret identity, you can actually look up my races by my name at

Back in the saddle again. Giddyup!!

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