Monday, May 09, 2005


Today was one of those days when you wake up but you don't hit pause on the dream. I was conscious, and the plot rolled on. The strangeness of this phenomenon was exacerbated by the familiarity of the scenario, the feeling that this was something I had dreamed many times before.

Was it a dream about Weezer? No.

A dream about Vin Diesel? No.

It was a dream with me in the middle of a Dawn of the Dead movie, zombies everywhere. I'm holed up in a church with some survivors, trying to help other non-zombies in, but losing a lot of people in the effort. The whole scenario is just like in the movie. Friends becoming zombies, first and second defenses failing, efforts to regain ground, so on and so on.

This was vaguely disturbing to wake up to. Even more so in that I could not stop thinking about it even after I awoke. The screenplay just kept going as I ate breakfast, took a shower, got dressed. I was finally able to stop the train of thought when I settled into my daily meditation.

Everyone has bad dreams, and scary movies can cause or be a large part of them. I am more unsettled with how familiar the whole thing seemed. It is weird to have a recurring dream and not even realize that you have one at all.

I think I'll play Disney tunes as I fall asleep tonight - a natural garlic for vampire dreams.

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