Friday, May 20, 2005


Last night I went out for drinks with my softball buddies. During the time of inebriation, one of my friends, Spaghetti, calls to let me know she just signed up for a 10K. I, being drunk, miss the actual race name but assume it is the one scheduled for next month, the Circle of Friends 10K, that we have discussed in the past. I tell her I am 100% in, you can count on me!!

Seems she was talking about the Healthy Kidney 10K THIS SUNDAY.

Yeah, that is what everyone does; they get drunk and schedule long distance races. Good planning, Rockstar!

All the same, I am really excited about and looking forward to the run. This will be my second ever timed race, and doing with a friend will be pretty darn cool, methinks. My goal is to keep up with her pace of a 10:30 mile.

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