Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the great equalizer

A friend of mine was excited to receive her new driver's license the other day. She gladly took it out to show me the new and improved picture. Nice. It got me to thinking about my ID. Let's see, it expires in 2005....uh oh, we are in 2005!

When I lived in Michigan, this kind of thing would not have passed without notice. First of all, I drove, so paranoia of getting a ticket wins. Secondly, when they card you at bars in Michigan they notice the expiration date and will not let you drink if it is expired.

During lunch today I made my trek to "License Express", the fast track to renewing my ID. Fast track my ass. The ticket calling system is much more efficient, but there still were 30 people waiting ahead of me. I had to sit there for forty five minutes just to fork over some cash for a new piece of plastic.

While I was waiting, I noticed sitting across to me was a familiar face. An actor. I don't know his name, and in the movies I have seen him in he gets about twenty lines tops. Character actor, kind of young, attractive, plays dumb guys. Seeing him there got me to thinking.

Everyone needs a license, don't they? Or most famous people, at least. We know jacko gets driven, but don't most other celebrities get around on their own? They have to drive those twenty cars they bought, after all.

Thinking about Brittney Spears waiting in line at a DMV made the wait just that much easier to bear. Ooh, or JLo. In heels. Bwa ha ha.

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