Monday, May 02, 2005

follow through

I am great at setting goals. I am terrific at setting milestones and deadlines. I am an inspiration in starting a new project.

Finishing? Not so much.

Do any of you remember latch hook? I can remember being about eight working on a latch hook tom n jerry rug. My mom finished it for me.

One time, when living in Detroit, I decided to fix my broken electric laundry dryer myself. I took it apart, replaced the heating coil (and only shocked myself twice in the process, I needed no hair gel for a week), and left the dryer spread over the cellar floor in pieces.

It took me nine years to get a Bachelors Degree.

About a month ago I decided while waiting for my calf to heal, I would paint my living room to occupy my time. That one wall I painted looks great.

My current unfinished project? Phone tag with HB. I did not call him back after last Wednesday night, figured since he was out of town for the weekend he was busy. He left me a voicemail tonight, and I still have not called him back.

Don't worry, I will call him tomorrow, it just seems that for some reason it is taking some effort for me to get the gumption up. I like to blame it on the fact I hate to talk on the phone, but I guess it is more like cold feet.

Once and a while I do actually complete a goal. Say, like moving to NYC. She can be taught!

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