Tuesday, April 26, 2005

off the hook

Today I got off the hook in so many ways.

I stayed home sick today, unintentionally avoiding some potential work drama, of which I am actually afraid to blog about fearing legal repercussions. Let's just say I did not have to ice down my emotions to deal with a situation.

I called HB back (thanks to coaching from the best ever Connecticut Jen, thank you!) and got his voicemail - left cheery and long message about meeting up next week. Tomorrow night I have a very important and fun engagement that I cannot miss, even for a date. Although yes I still am intrigued and want to go on one. Would you believe that being home sick and watching too much cable that Jane Eyre discouraged me and Sex in the City encouraged me? Is that prophetic that the concept of romance intimidates me these days? New York skepticism or once burned twice shy?

So tomorrow I am back to work, back to life, escaping from the safe cocoon of my apartment and medication induced sleep. I actually dread going back to work, which is so unlike me but my real situation. Fortunately I have one hell of a party to look forward to at six, to get me through my day. And maybe a little more positive affirmation from HB. All kinds of good potential up in there.

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