Wednesday, April 27, 2005

be careful what you wish for...

you just might get it.

So I was thinking about getting a new job - and a potential called me. Note - THEY recruited ME from my online resume. For a Senior position. Sadly I hear the company is doing badly, not a good time to take them up on their offer. Still, nice to be wanted. If they are doing as badly as they hear, not worth the time for me to fenagle off for an interview.

I was thinking the other day that I may just feel like a boyfriend, and here I am playing a very comfortable non-confrontational game of phone tag with someone who seems to have potential. I got some more dish about him tonight, and it seems he really is my type. Fun, outgoing, adventurous, responsible, good times mixed with good sense. Who woulda thunk it? At least, that's what one of the original fix up queens of my life says. The source of information is a cause for suspicion maybe, but I don't think there was a set up in mind, HB was just invited to the party by chance.

People say there is power in prayer, and I believe them. Not because I believe there is a higher power checking their messages, but because thought can turn into will or energy and then deed. When I was younger I used to meditate every day on positive images of myself. I wanted to be successful, confident, attractive, strong, so I willed myself to be those things every day. I can honestly say that now i have succeeded in those goals, and I belive the most important reason why is because I willed them into being. If you hear something often enough, you tend to believe it, regarless of the source.

So recently my mantra has been new job, get a boyfirend, go to grad school. Seems I'd beter get my school skills in order, something is bound to happen soon.

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