Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Okay, I'm going to lay it all out on the table. I love Barry Manilow music. I even have his box set.

That's right, all cool points out the window. You gotta understand though, it's not my fault.

Growing up I grew up in a musical depravation chamber. My mother listened exclusively to easy listening type stuff - musak. I did not get to broaden my music horizons until high school when I received my first walkman. It had a radio, and my musical world expanded exponentially.

Fast forward twelve years, I'm at a wedding of a friend. At this point in my life I had heard of Barry Manilow, but had no idea what any of his songs were. Oh, and I was also in my goth phase. Wore lots of black and doc martins, had done my pink hair, and listened to front 242, ministry and such.

Anyhoo, I'm at the wedding and the Copa Cabana came on. Brilliant!!! A song about love, sex, power, money, murder, alcoholism, and madness - all tied together in an upbeat tune. The irony of it all had me at hello.

As my friends absolutely LOVED the idea that I could be so into something as completely off my radar as Mr Manilow. The jokes began, escalated, and culminated in a gift to me in the form of his box set.

Next thing you know, I'm listening to the four cds, reading the booklet, watching the video. And falling completely in love with the unadulterated romanticism. Along with the complete shallowness behind it.

If you listen to any of his lyrics, they sound sweet and touching. Sadly Barry did not write most of his songs. Including the one titled "I write the songs." Oh, and Mandy was written about some guy's dog. Good ole' Barry did write "This One's for You", but it is a tribute to his grandfather.

Sitting at my desk today, working my regular overtime and watching my life slowly slip away, my ipod on random started playing a Barry song, and I smiled. Being able to have that kind of moment makes withstanding the mockery and disdain worthwhile.

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