Wednesday, April 13, 2005

anonymous wisdom

I got a really thought provoking comment on my last blog, investigating my motives to fly, fly away from my current job.

I’ll tell you what – reading it really made me sit back and take pause. Do I in fact fear responsibility and a loss of freedom? If you look at my career history, it would seem like a logical conclusion.

It is too soon for me to decide if such is my case, I need to mull it over, dig to the source of my compulsion to leave.

One thing I do know, is that the comment was surely correct in saying I have worked hard for what I have, and should step back and enjoy the benefits. Of course, the question is what was I really working for and have I actually gotten it?

I love a good quandary.

On a bright note, my leg has healed, and I have been able to start running again. I’m taking it slow - if having had a hernia taught me anything, it was to take time and let my body heal properly. I ran three miles Monday night and the same tonight, and am feeling darn good. I’m thinking a nice mile and a half jog around the reservoir this weekend may be in order. It will nice to take a look at spring.

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