Monday, April 18, 2005

fountain of youth

I have a solution as to why I look and act so much younger than I actually am. I have found the black hole of age, the worm tunnel of time, the long sought after fountain of youth.

Drunken oblivion. I know, this answer seems strangely obvious, but let me explain.

Today in the midst of meetings, I ran into a familiar face. And that would be who this gent was in his entirety, a familiar face. I saw him, he saw me, we both started in recognition, smiled, said our hearty hellos, and kept on walking.

Half a day later I am pretty sure which one of my bar outings over the course of the last two weeks was the one where I met him. Even more interesting, I'm fairly sure we had a whole conversation that went so far as to include relatively detailed histories of our lives.

How much do I remember? Not so much. What is really great is that this is happening more and more to me - I recently became re-acquainted to another fellow last week, who I had met a month ago. Last week as we spoke more and more of our prior interaction came back to me. Memories gained.

So in the manner of the question if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound - if time passes me by and my perception lacks, do I actually age? Alcohol puts my body in a state of stasis, and my mind as well.

On a less substance dependant alarming level, I have also reached the point in my life where sober I can be introduced to someone, exchange niceties, and completely erase them from my mind as well.

I am seriously considering tattooing my name backwards on my forehead - just in case.

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