Thursday, January 27, 2005


Rockstar is a very very tired girl. On my new training regimen, I decided that I could not skip a day at the gym simply to go and play volleyball instead. I have a big bar night to attend tomorrow. That wins for night off. I have priorities. So here I am, having done the full workout and then played three very long games of volleyball.

My team sucks, we lost all three sets. On the bright side we played better than normal and had a LOT of volleys. The games were about five times as intense as normal and ten times as long. I got a lot of good dives and saves in. I own kneepads, and they are well worn, as I love to go down. (Insert lewd comment of choice here.)

Which leaves me, as a result, a complete limp puddle of goo. I have nothing of substance to offer you tonight, dear reader, but my favorite joke.

Prepare yourself.

You think you are ready?


What did the fish say when it swam into the wall?



Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

Gets me every time.

You got a better one? Post it. The only criteria is that when I tell it, people will groan. That is how you know a joke is truly worthy.

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