Thursday, January 20, 2005


Over this past holiday I was blown away by the improvements in the efficiency of the security at LaGuardia Airport. From the moment I walked into the terminal to the time I sat down at my gate it took me a whole of fifteen minutes. On December 23rd, mad holiday travel time. That is impressive.

The main reason the check in went so smoothly was this new system Spirit Airlines had set up. Self check in terminals that allow you to check your luggage. Spirit also has an employee roaming the units to ensure efficient and error free service.

I was dumfounded. Expedience with friendly service at an airport??? Amazing.

It went like this: I walked in, bringing in tow my two bags I plan to check, my rolling luggage and a backpack. I resolutely shuffled into the queue when the roaming service man pointed out I could self-check in.

"Oh, thank you,” I replied, "but I have two bags I need to check."

He smiled back at me, "That's fine, you can check in here even with the bags. Just slide in a credit card for identification purposes."

Shock and amazement wiped over my face as I approached the terminal. The gentleman continued to pace the area, watching over his flock.

I finished punching all the keys necessary, and my boarding pass printed out. I turned to the eager face and inquired, "How do I check my luggage now?"

He said, "Wait here, I’ll get the strips and be right back"

He returned with the luggage check stickers, put the first set on my rolling bag and then picked up my backpack.

"Your backpack is vibrating." He said.

I frowned, and took the appropriately stickered backpack from him. I didn't feel anything. I thought about the contents. It’s a small backpack and I am a high maintenance woman, so it mostly is full of my lotions, sprays, and various beauty items.

Nope, nothing should be in there to cause a ruckus. Maybe he has low blood sugar or something.

I drop the bags off with national security and go through the wonderfully efficient security check in record time. I walk to the gate, take my seat.

Then I remember - My electric toothbrush in my toiletries bag. Drat, it must have gotten bumped and turned on. Oh well, the security guys are going most likely have to take a look.

Another memory pops in. What else was I able to fit in the bag with my vanities? Oh yeah, all my dirty underwear. I was planning to save a buck or two by doing laundry at my parent’s house.

So security had to rifle through all of my gently used panties to get to my vibrating toothbrush. When they were sifting through my dirty thongs looking for a vibrating item, what do you think they were thinking?

I don't think these people get paid enough. Course, I didn't take a count of my underwear when I got back...

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! Too damned funny! I'm sure some lonely bag checker is having a grand old time with a pair of your "gently worn" panties. Or selling them on ebay! You and your good vibrations!

Isn't it amazing how fun it is to travel when that part can go smoothly!? Continental has an amazing service for it's elite fliers. I may lose that status though since moving and laying down roots. Boo hoo.