Friday, January 28, 2005

stephen hawking is hot

My heart is broken. I happened to mention my current fantasy obsession with Vin Diesel to a friend, and her reply was "You know he's really dumb, don't you?"

First of all dear reader, you must understand the depth and quality of my fantasy life. Vin Diesel has been the leading man ever since my discovery of the Riddick movies. Please don't misunderstand me, these are not purely sexual scenarios, just stories and adventures I imagine myself in.

Needless to say, the concepts of my leading man being a little light on the intellectual side kind of makes the whole thing go splat. My friend informed me that a mutual friend of ours got invited back to Vin's loft after the premier of "XXX", and discovered that he was "dumb as a brick."

I read recently on another blog that there was a survey given to people about the level of intelligence they would prefer in the person they date. It basically discussed the fact that women would prefer to date men smarter than themselves, and men would prefer to date women who were less intelligent then they are.

Great. Didn't I have to deal with this in fifth grade?

Compound this with the fact that I looked into speed dating yesterday. You would think I am the type, with this blog and all, who would be into online dating, but for me chemistry is everything. I do well enough meeting people in the bar, but also am intrigued by given a rapid succession of men to select from. Oh, and no worries about having to reject someone directly to their face. Avoid confrontation? Score one for speed dating.

So I go and check out the local event list for hurry date, and discover the functions are split off by age. Kind of makes sense - until I try and see where I fit.

There is a group for men and women ages 25-35, then there is a group for women from 30-40 matched with men from 35-45.

I'm 33 in three weeks. So either I date men who are most likely younger than me, or most definitely older, potentially over ten years older. Crap! Double Crap!

So do I risk dating a potentially younger man who may be intimidated by my stunning intellect, or take a chance on an older man and hope he drinks enough coffee to keep up with me? No, 45 is not OLD, but I get mistaken to be younger all the time for a reason.

Or maybe I'll go to both sessions and see if some stereotypes can be blown down. Consider this a science experiment with potential for sex. Sounds like fun!


MooCow said...

Pfft. Don't overlook the younger guys.

I'm just sayin' is all...

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Heh, historically that has never been a problem. Last year was the year of the 25 year olds for me. That article I reference was from the NY Post, which pretty much cuts the credibility to nil. Thank god. :)