Friday, January 28, 2005


I was listening to NPR earlier, and Leonard Lopate was interviewing John Turturro. They were discussing how sometimes directors will play music during filming to help with mood when Mr. Turturro mentioned that Johnny Depp regularly hires a DJ to play music into an earpiece while he is being filmed.

Life with your own personal soundtrack. That is the coolest thing ever.

I wonder if the DJ ever wields his power in negative ways, by playing music to create a detrimental effect to Johnny's mood.

You would think that Johnny Depp would just get an ipod and hook it up with a play list or two. The whole scenario is reminiscent of monty python's "The Holy Grail", when the knights would pretend to ride the horse, and always had someone following with coconut shells to make the sound of horses' hooves.

I guess the whole point really is to rely on someone else to have a wider knowledge of music than you and who also has the ability to read timing and moods.

I'm officially taking job applications for my own personal DJ. The pay is low, the hours horrific, but if you love watching a girl walk down the street and shake her booty the rewards are endless.

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