Monday, January 17, 2005


This past weekend I watched the Riddick series, Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. I find Vin Diesel intriguing, so renting one movie shortly was followed by renting the other.

I enjoyed both movies; pretty good plots, great action scenes and effects. The best part is that the hero is a Bad Guy. That makes it more fun to root for him.

While watching the second film, I realized that I am incredibly attracted to the Riddick character. Specifically I am drawn to him the most when he leads others, and he does not lead gently. Rather surprised at my powerful reaction, it occurred to me that I am actually drawn to the strength. Vin Diesel's character is that guy who will always survive, and people inevitably latch on to him with the hope of being able to follow him to safety. He leads, allowing them to ride his coattails, but when they fall by the wayside he barely gives a backwards glance.

Growing up in Detroit I knew that I was a strong person, that I could take a lot. I thought moving to NYC I would find more of this type, but I have not found as many as I had expected. I have met some, and tend to take only more resilient types into my life. Thing is, I have not found a guy to match my strength. At least a single, straight one, that is. I tend to be more forgiving of weakness in my friends than I do my partners, because I can divvy up needs to friends as they can handle it. There can only be one boyfriend.

Just because I realized this characteristic from Riddick, please do not think I mean strength is merely physical brawn or bad guy stereotype. Strength is an inner confidence, a sturdiness and un-shakability in oneself. Not to the point of vanity or over inflated ego, just an assurance that one will succeed.

Then I come back to my distaste of stereotypes. When I find a man who has this characteristic, I am not going to care if he watches sports 24/7, leaves the toilet seat up, or leaves the cap off the toothpaste. I am not going to care if he opens the door for me, pays for dinner, or calls his mother every week. I merely want to trust knows himself well enough to eventually know me.

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