Wednesday, January 05, 2005

magical families

My goodness, isn't Disneyworld the most magical place on earth?

Well let me tell you...

My cousin was getting married last week in Disneyworld, therefore my sister, her boyfriend, and myself flew out the day before to attend. We checked into a Disney resort at eight o'clock pm, and were at the resort bar promptly at nine. We have our priorities.

A few tequila shots, beers, and jack and cokes later, my sister heads up to the bar for another round. At this point the bar is pretty much full with dads steppin' out for a little liquid relief. As I tend to be a rather silly character, I started making funny faces at my sister while she waits in line to get some service at the bar.

I had not noticed that there was a gentleman facing our table - sitting in front of where my sister was standing. He did not hesitate to make funny faces right back at me. My sister's guy and myself quickly and avidly gesticulated to clear the misunderstanding. At this point he starts yelling a phrase in French, saying if any person can translate he'll buy the winner a beer.

As I am a curious individual, I eventually go over to find out what the phrase means. Later on we discovered that it was on the bottom of the menu - Let the good times roll. But ah well.

Introductions are made, brief niceties, then I head back to the table to spend more quality drinking time with my sister and her boyfriend.

Time goes on, and our new friend comes over and invites himself to join our party. We are curious, so are willing. He is married, visiting the park for the whole week with his wife and two children.

Oh, and he has an open marriage. Do I know what that means?

Reader, I was not born yesterday. But I want to know exactly how this works for him, so I say NO.

Why, that means this gentleman and his wife have sex with different people. And boy, do I have questions. Do they tell each other about their exploits? Yes. In what kind of detail? Oh, detail. Do they sleep with the same people all the time or only once with strangers? Used to be the same people but more individuals lately.

This whole time he keeps fondling my leg. Getting a little friendlier, a little touchier. Covering more and more real estate.

Then he asks if I like to watch or be watched. My sister is across the table, no way no how does she need or want to hear about the specifics of my sex life!!

He runs to the bathroom; my sister, her boyfriend and I settle up the check.

On the way out of the bar to our respective rooms, mr open marriage wants to know if he can ask me a personal question. At this point, I figure how bad can it be?

"Are you single?" Interesting that it is such a personal question. Considering the conversation we had earlier.

I tell him no, but that it is against my morals to sleep with a married man, open marriage or not. My sister then fools him into splitting off to a different building in the resort, and we get back to our room in safety.

This is my first night in Disney. Where did he want to do it, in the room with his kids? Or he was hoping for a quickie in my room?

As much as Walt Disney tried to create a beautiful magical happy place, I suppose human nature can't be cleaned up as easily as the chewing gum off the sidewalks.

Welcome to the place where dreams come true!! Except for cheating husbands, that is...

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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling he asked if you were dating anyone and you said no...not if you were single ;)
dinseyworld...pleasure for everyone...