Saturday, January 15, 2005


I have had the goal for the last three years of running the NYC marathon.

Many times I have started running programs with this goal in mind. Something always came up. First I was stymied by my second job. It's hard to find time when all you do is work and sleep. Then finally last October I was able to quit the second gig. I started to get my booty to the gym, eagerly anticipating working towards my goal. Unfortunately two surgeries and a hernia put the kybosh on that plan.

Here I am, ready to kick it off. To ensure entry I merely need to join the New York Road Runners Club by the end of this month, and then run NINE races this year. I do this, and I get automatic entry into the 2006 marathon. Score!

Now, I am not quite in good enough shape to run even a 5K, which would be the shortest race course. So I am going to need a couple of months (ten weeks, to be exact) to work my way up to this. Fortunately there are approximately three races a month, so I can make up the time lost relatively quickly.

As you should with any long-term goal, I started setting some short term ones this week. First race in three months. Run nine races this year; by the end of the year average a 9-minute mile race pace.

One of my favorite mini goals is to run the entire 6 mile loop of central park a couple of times. I love running outside, and I especially love running in central park. I never feel more like I've made it in NYC than I do when I am running around the reservoir.

In my excitement to run the loop, I invited two of my girlfriends who are also runners to join when the time came. We picked out Saturday to eventually be the day of the week, early to avoid heat, say nine am.

My one friend does not believe I am going to do it. She thinks I am going to bail, and jokes about calling me out when I do. She also does not believe that I am going to get the nine races under my belt. I seriously think she believes I am never going to run the marathon!

Not only can I not wait to prove her wrong, I can't wait to beat her best time in one of my races.

She is a good friend and has been there for me in the past, so in a way I really appreciate the motivation she is giving me. Being a runner, she knows how hard I will have to work and has misinterpreted my easygoing manner for a lack of drive and ambition. I can't really hold it against her.

But I will rub her nose in it. :)

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Anonymous said...

Go to The Nike store has group runs and all kinds of fun motivational stuff. When the weather gets nicer, they do a happy hour run and beer afterward too at Chelsea piers!

You could do some races earlier than 3 months from now and alternate between walking and jogging. It's fun to be in an organized effort! Good motivation too! Speed walking can help get you to your goal just as well.

I believe in you!