Sunday, September 10, 2006


Our eyes met as I entered the room. The spark was immediate, the attraction undeniable.

Do we play coy? Pretend not to notice what is there?

No way that is going to happen. Thing is, he leads a high profile kind of life. A sordid evening like ours cannot be well known, cannot be part of public knowledge. We knew from the beginning this night would be the only of its kind.

But I do have photogenic proof that I share with you, my close personal friends, of a moment of our one fabulous evening...

Time is fleeting but memories are forever.


AliGirl said...

Nice! I hope you have tons of blue fuzzy muppets together.

Michael said...

This is why they need Extra Security!

carolyn said...

Haha!! And here I thought you were going to tell us another first-date story!! :) I never would've pictured blue furr as your type!