Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a little help from your friends

As the marathon steadily approaches, I have learned that I am TERRIBLE at pacing. On my long runs I go at a comfortable pace, and then someone is in front of me that I want to pass or I push myself up a hill and then....cashed.

This has happened time and time again, during the Half and on my long runs. Ironically it is worse when I run WITH someone, as the internal competitive streak kicks in.

I just discovered that I can sign up, at no cost and no inconvenience, to be part of a pace team for the marathon. Some experienced runner wears a balloon, and you just have to stay within visual distance of the pretty bouncing ball!!

Let's make it clear; I am not too proud to take advantage of this service. Running a marathon is enough of a challenge, I am happy to use this as a crutch until I have mastered the skill of pacing long distances. You know, which I will be by my next marathon. (Yeah, we’ll see about that one)

Now I just have to get to the marathon expo early enough to sign up before they fill up my time goal...

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