Tuesday, September 19, 2006

corporate pirate

Dude, pirates are everywhere, aren't they?

The pirates movie, the books, the clothing, the accessories. Spaghetti just bought a pair of jeans for the fit and they had the skull and crossbones on one pocket. Hells bells while ctina and I were at the bar tonight two girls came in dressed as pirates.

Yes really.

Whatev, I can hang. What is a pirate's favorite kind of sweater? ARRRRRRgyle.

Oh yeah, you love me for so many reasons other than my sense of humor. Get over it.

Today I was a corporate pirate. I had a job opening, and I ended up hiring someone from my old company...my old department even. Yes, I pillaged from my last job.

Oh, the guilt. Oh, the guilt. Oh, the relief of having hired someone I know from experience is competent.

It’s a good thing I enjoy rum...and had practice wearing a patch as a child. (Again yes really, two years thank you very much)


Carolyn said...

Oooo...did you hire I.R.???? I hope so, for he/she really needed to get out of there! AND, did you know that yesterday was National Talk Like A Pirate day? Yup, there IS such a thing! :)

Franalicious said...

AAARRRRGGGHHH Matey! A pirate's life for me!

Sadly, I returned my pirate jeans -I found a pair that made my butt look (slightly) smaller...