Tuesday, September 12, 2006

bwa ha ha!!

Now you know I love my first ipod...

my latest love Posted by Hello

I have replaced it twice, but I am running out of time before apple care dies.

Now, I had considered the nano, but it only had up to 1,000 songs, and my baby above had 1,500. I was tempted yet again when the whole ipod+nike sport kit running thing got introduced, but not enough. (Although the idea of someone whispering my pace at regular intervals in my ear gives me happy chills.)

Don't you worry, my favorite company has taken my wish and and raised me one as par for the course.

God I love Apple. *sigh*


mike said...

I went with the shuffle for my second pod.

Hey what happened with the 14 mile run-o-thon?

jenn said...

ooooh the nano in different colors - me likey!

i'm partial to my black 30 gig video ipod - but still gots love for my shuffle - it's perfect for playlists and workouts.

Carolyn said...

I actually just bought one!!! Can't wait for it to arrive...my first i-pod EVER!!!

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Did you see the new shuffle????? SOOO tiny!

It was 15 miles thank you very much, and it went smashingly. Long, but smashingly.

Ah, the big ipod, very nice. I have discovered that I have over 2500 songs, so the nano is still too small.

Yay for fist ipod, so exciting! Did you get it engraved?

Carolyn said...

i did get it engraved. "The Apple of My i-" Cheesy, but so exciting! And i just received shipping confirmation this morning! my baby is on it's way...i'm awaiting the Apple-stork oh-so eagerly!!!