Wednesday, September 06, 2006

how dry I am

I'm sitting here trying to think of a really good rockstar story. It seems like I don't put enough of the old classics on.

Now for obvious reasons I'm not putting the Disney story on. Something like that requires a bit of trust.

But what am I missing? Help me out people; give some shout-outs for classic rockstar stories if you would like to hear 'em. For the fiftieth time, as the case may be. Heck, wouldnĂ‚’t you like to have them chronicled online so you can forward on to your own friends to say, "I remember when...."

If you don't want a spoiler you can just email me the hint and I'll work it up like nothin. Let's make some nostalgia magic together people!!


Erica said...

How about that time at Sam's housewarming (after I moved out) that you made that guy dance for you? Or [classic] the tales of the beer garden after-party? There are so many...

Paul said...

My favorites
1. Breaking and Entering and The Pool Table
2. Darius and the missing CD/Tie
3. Dev and the shy Snake (The Disney story that can be told)
4. How I set a car on fire
5. How long can one pretend to be at meetings and still be employed.
6. Drinking in a cemetary
7. Why does everyone think I am cast member at Disney