Thursday, September 21, 2006

more human than human

If you couldn't already tell I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy and love anything JJ Abrahms. So a few things to point out from tonight’s shows:

  • Screw Meredith, Bailey made me cry. TWICE. Forget the super skinny neurotic girl, give me a strong woman breakdown anytime.

  • The coolest girl in school? Callie. By far. Straight up and honest, that's the way I like 'em. Wear your weakness like a badge.

  • Flashbacks are awesome to introduce into season three. Makes you feel like family.

  • As for Six Degrees?

  • Fucking awesome cast. Shout out to any Bridget. Oh, and did any of you losers catch Sarah Vowell??? HELLO best talent in the show, just about to blow it out of the water, you wait and see.

  • Ummmmm....

  • Yeah, the best thing about six degrees was the acting talent. JJ used his old hooks and his old sound effects. Without supernatural powers or prophecies, so not such a big hit.

    His biggest gimmick for the show seems to be that he was showing how close and yet utterly separated everyone is in New York. I live it every day.

    It constantly amazes me how many people on any average day I am physically close to. All you non-New Yorkers, I dare you to count how many people you brush by in a day, as in physically touch in passing. On a non-active day I will brush 20. Yes I have counted. Subway, busy street, elevator. Contact. Fact I don't meet and get to know a minimum of 20 people a day? Not so shocking.

    Oh, and as much as I love the vowelmeister (had to give just one more shout out), but I'm not going to watch the show for her cameos.

    Many people criticize TV (oh wait, who just got rid of her cable box to watch less? oh yeah...) every medium has trash, but if you look it has its art too. Even more importantly it has humanity. And humanity is what I crave - from any medium, movies, books, or TV. You tell the story right and I'll pay attention.

    Another day I'll talk about how the trash pays for the art. Because brother reality of life it does. What do you think backs the most obscure classic novel that is important to literature and culture but only sells one hundred copies a year? Not charity my friends...


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    Heather said...

    I saw Sarah Vowell! Lychee martinis anyone?? I will watch the show again. As for Grey's, the first episode was better than the lameness it ended on. I also like the flashbacks.