Saturday, February 11, 2006

yin and yang

Here I am again, up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. Today's early rising has more to do with last night than anything else, as in I had a lot to drink and I never sleep very well if I have more than six cocktails the night before. For some reason after such an endeavor I'm up at first light. Or in this case, at the darkest before the dawn.

Last night I was out with the Jeweled Hornet and Spaghetti, we hit a bar called Prey at 22nd and 5th. Nice enough place, we were there for some kind of cupid party. The premise was every single girl who came was supposed to bring a single guy. Kind of a live action friendster. Since the Jeweled Hornet knew two of the hosts, we were able to come sans sausage.

I have never been to one of these things before, it was interesting. Interesting because everyone was so open, friendly, and pro-mingling. It was like the knowledge that we were all there for the same reason just relaxed everyone. It was really great; I would have to recommend this to anyone who is willing to give it a try.

Best news is I met a great guy, named Rich. He wasn't even there for the cupid party; he had a friend's bday celebration to attend instead. I don't even know how it was that we started talking. He was fun aplenty and a great kisser. Oh, and he has the sexiest dimple. Hmmmmm.

Worst news is I lost him. He was shuttling back and forth between hanging with me downstairs and spending time with the bday party upstairs. When the gals and I were ready to leave I couldn't find him anywhere to exchange digits. So tragic.

As very *slight* consolation, I got my first official email from Road Runners confirming my qualification and inviting me to participate in the marathon. Those nine races last year have paid off; I am one step closer to this goal I have longed towards for years. It is all about training and keeping healthy from here on out. Yay marathon!!

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