Tuesday, February 21, 2006

double entendre

My sister and her fiancé have two dogs, Molly and Murphy, both girlie types. (I know you wanted me to say bitches, but they are such sweet furry things.)

My sister has been known to talk about her dogs. A lot. It is love, sheer love. Devotion. And sometimes a bit of something else.

As a late birthday gift, I sent her a little something from Neighborhoodies, a way cool local shop for customized gear. Their website is super user friendly, the choices are stellar, and the product high quality. Oh, and the customer service rocks. I mean, just check out this email they sent me when I placed my order...

Dearest Bridget,

Welcome to the magical world of Neighborhoodies.

Things are a little different here than in the outside world. For instance.

When your order arrives and you, with a maniacal anticipation, bust open the package:

1. you will laugh out loud with delight
2. you will never want to take off your neighborhoodie.
seriously. you will sleep in it for days.
3. you will tell everyone who you know about this amazing site.
4. strangers will approach you on the street and ask you where you got such awesomeness. sheesh, don't be such a wiseacre - tell them about us; it's how we grow together.
5. remember! neighborhoodies is not a cult. it's just the way things ought to be.
We craft each order, lovingly, by hand, one at a time, in our Brooklyn studios.

Thanks for becoming a customer. Neighborhoodies wants to be your favorite company of all time.

If you have any questions, send us an email to love@neighborhoodies.com


So knowing my sister has this intense love for her pets, what could I possibly put on a hoodie for her? Then it hit me. Awwwww yeah....

In case you can't quite read, it says "ask me about my girls". Oh yes, it all comes together. See, it is written across her chest in pink...her girls...you know...

This of course was not the only photo sent to me -

Once again, all about the woofies. Gotta love the sister for her puppy love.

Oh, and they do doggie outfits and underwear too. Gifts for years! Or at least as long as I can come up with witty ideas to pay someone else to stitch on fabric.

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