Wednesday, February 08, 2006

award show overkill

Even though my friend Spaghetti is out in LA working 'em, I just could not get enthused about the grammys. They seem kind of sad in comparison to the VMA's, I don't know. Like do I need to have them tell me who sold the most records? We have that info (and music) shoved down our throats all the time.

Instead I watched Inherit the Wind starring Spencer Tracy. Love that guy. I eventually switched over to the grammys for background noise to accompany me as I surfed the world wide web.

Some really badly put together tribute to sly and the family stone was on. Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to miss. I get to browsing intently.

My attention is drawn back to the television - did they just say Jay-Z with Linkin Park? I enjoy them together, and that song they do, I'll watch.

How neat, Jay-Z is wearing a John Lennon shirt. Cool.

Melody is changing, aw, Yesterday, by the Beatles. How appropriate with him wearing that shirt.

Holy mother of god Paul McCartney just came onstage and joined in.

Dammit, I was wrong about the grammys. If the rest of the show was this good I'm pissed I didn't watch. Bastards, did they have to go and make this year a comeback and leave me out of the loop?

Oh wait – they just showed previews for the rest of the show. I think it is safe to say I saw the best part. Guess I’ll find out on gawker tomorrow, there is no way I’m leaving this on to see Christina Aguilera and Herbie Hancock. Gawd.

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Heather said...

I concur. I'm too much of a music snob to care about anyone who's known enough to be nominated for a Grammy. Even though I do love the Spags and she is briliant at her job. I was happy for the Keane and Kanye noms though.lhr