Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Something occurred to me today.  My job revolves around projects and tasks.  Once every two weeks I meet with my superiors to prioritize, report progress on, and discuss said workload.  At this point in time I also discuss the time frames needed to complete everything.  You know, due dates.
Here I am, working late yet again, and it hits me like a bolt out of the blue - when I am picking my finish dates I'm assuming that I will be working late.  I have been doing this to myself!  I have been setting my own bar too high!
Now how to train myself to think inside of 40 hours, this will be challenging.  Learning how to say NO.  Concept.


ctina said...

i do this too. isn't that how you get the big bucks? :)

it's hard to explain no after saying yes for so long.

oh and it's 35 hours, you crazy workaholic :) don't forget that ellusive thing called lunch

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

bah, lunch. lunch is for people who get taken out by vendors. :)