Thursday, February 09, 2006


It is that time of year again. Time to help me pretend that I am not, in fact, getting any older - even though my birthday mercilessly comes around every year. To do this I gather all of you around me to join me for a night that involves inordinate amounts of alcohol.

With your help, I will be able to forget the amount of money I am currently spending on anti-wrinkle cream, ben gay, and various prosthetics to make my body still appear a young and nubile 25. Also, quite possibly you will all distract me from the fact that my hangovers from such occasions get significantly worse as the years pass. But we are not thinking about that. We are thinking about helping me spend one night in glorious DENIAL people. Help a lady out.

If spending a whole evening with me was not enough to convince you, there is the added fact that if you were so unfortunate to miss any of the other birthday occasions flanking mine (because everything revolves around me of course) you can then make it up and wish Jason, Katie, or Karen a belated or early birthday. Of course, Peter and I actually share the same birthday, so if he comes by there is no end to the celebration!

Mark you calendars, prepare your liver, and pass the word to anyone I may have missed. Because I need as distraction as I can get. (Oh, and I love the company too, of course!)

When: Thursday, Feb 16th, after work
Where: Barrow St Ale House
Home of the Thursday night $15 all you can drink special
(Who loves ya?)
15 Barrow St (east of Varick)
Why: Bridget loves spending time with you (on her birthday, at least)

PS - I sent the above out via work email, after hours, and so far I have gotten one "talking to" about the appropriateness of said action. Ah well.

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Michael said...

WOOHOO.... party!
how bored was i at work.