Friday, February 17, 2006

good times

The party went off without a hitch - I have so much gratitude for those who were able to come, it is wonderful to feel so well liked and appreciated. Seeing everyone was wonderful, and I was so flattered that everyone made the effort to come out. Looking at all the wonderful people surrounding me, I cannot help but feel like a success in life.

That being said, nothing that constitutes great gossip happened. I had enough foresight to drink the mother's milk, guinness, the whole night. This helped me from drinking my way over the edge. Also, I had but one shot throughout the evening, of jagermeister, which has always treated me well. Seeing and talking to everyone was great fun, and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves a bit.

Great way to start a year, I tell ya. As for today, I laid around on my ass and it was great. I slept almost all day.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday, and it seems RFW has worked out quite an agenda. She definitely is going above and beyond, which at first makes me squirm, as I do have to work on being able to accept the generosity of others.

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